Indianapolis frees itself of fossil fuels – A new era commences

April 1, 2014

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis has freed itself today of all reliance on fossil fuels and is the first city in the U.S.A. to be totally powered by wind turbines.  After an aggressive campaign supported by both the Democratic and Republican political parties the 1.6 billion dollar five year project has been completed ahead of schedule.

At the commencement Indiana’s Governor stated “with a project of this enormity requiring the cooperation of thousands of farmers, engineers, scientists, businessmen and politicians I’m convinced there is nothing Hoosiers can’t do”.  Indiana’s governor is already being tapped as a front runner for the upcoming presidential election.

The project involved installing 625 GE 2.5 MW turbines and leasing 6000 acres of farmland surrounding Indianapolis.  Additional infrastructure was required to upgrade the city’s power grid.  The cost of this project will be offset by the free electricity provided by the turbines. The citizens of Indianapolis will continue to pay their electric bills at their current rate for a period of five years and then their cost for electricity will be reduced by 80 percent.  This project was completed without raising any tax rates.

The ongoing cost will support maintenance of the power system and lease payments to farmers.  Each farmer will be paid an average $60,000 annual payment for the use of their land, while they will still be able to farm 85 percent of the leased land.

This accomplishment has bolstered additional projects to make Indianapolis the first American city to fully support infrastructure for the charging of electric cars for the general population.  The projects success has also revitalized a project to create an electric light rail system that has languished for years.  The mayor of Indianapolis stated at the event “Indianapolis is the first major American city of the 21st century powered by new green energy.”

This event was attended by representatives of ten U.S. states who hope to reproduce the success of this Indiana project.


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