Ingress – Augmented Reality Game for Android

What is Ingress?  It is a new massively multiplayer augmented reality game for Android.  I like “Augmented Reality” aspect of this game since you have to get out into the real world and be physically active to play– no more sitting for hours in front of a computer.

Developed by Niantic Labs, a team within Google. The object of this game is to join forces with either The Resistance or The Enlightened for ultimate control of the world. Control is gained by obtaining a special kind of energy called XM and using that energy to capture and hold locations in your area.

There’s also an emphasis on cooperation and coordination between individuals. Since you’re playing with real people, a combined effort can create more powerful portals and defenses.

Capturing portals seems to be the most important part of this game. The Portals are located everywhere, but you have to stumble upon them in your daily routine. “Hacking” portals yields items such as shields and resonators. After the portal is hacked, it can be attacked if it is under enemy control. One captures portals by attaching the resonators obtained through hacking.

It’s sort of a new twist on GeoCacheing…  Hopefully, they’ll have an iOS version of the game in short order. Augmented Reality games could be the next big thing.

I suggest requesting an invite to Ingress.

Download Link [Ingress]

Here’s some more information…

Niantic Project Wiki

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